Included in this section are still images from performances. Please see the Vimeo link below to view video documentation of select performances.

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Tape House

2016 performance ... Stills from a piece in which I explored themes of grief by visiting the different rooms that have changed in my parent's house since my mother died and my father remarried. I took video of myself in various places in the house of note, the room in which my father's wife moved in pictures of her children, the room where my mom's ashes are kept and where pictures of my parents' were moved to etc. In these rooms I systematically applied strips of duct tape to the hair on my arms and legs. I worked my way up through the house to the final room, where all of my mother's clothes are kept, and slowly took the tape off of my body, eventually grabbing my mother's scarf for extra strength. This was a practice in experiencing pain, enduring pain, and a testament to the ability to survive through pain. In the video's last frame after I have taken all of the tape off, I wrap two more strips of duct tape around my legs and leave the room, thus acknowledging the repetitive process of grieving.