Included in this section are still images from performances. Please see the Vimeo link below to view video documentation of select performances.

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Looking Glass

2016 performance ... This is another improvisational performance in which I experimented with saranwrap, tape, and a wire gardening structure. The piece explored themes of self scrutiny, transformation, compression, and audience interaction as eventually I offered up my body and the saran wrap and tape to the audience, silently allowing them to decided whether or not they would continue to wrap up my form, set me free, or stand by and watch. Again, like my other tape and saranwrap pieces, this performance deals with similar themes of pain and witnessing pain. During the whole piece, I had fellow artists improvising music and visual projections, creating a symbiotic relationship between my movement/ interaction with the materials and the music and video projections. This is a set up I have explored in other performances as well. Our interactions existed on a continuum, at times my movements controlled the music and projections and at times the music and projections controlled me.