Included in this section are still images from performances. Please see the Vimeo link below to view video documentation of select performances.

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2016 performance ... This is an improvisational performance executed underneath the lofted bed of a friend during a party in his room. I walked into the room silently as people were hanging out and chatting, wearing goggles (not pictured) and bringing a roll of masking tape. Remaining silent throughout the piece, I went under the bed and created a porous barrier of tape between me and the rest of the party, at times wordlessly prompting some of the party goers to help me wrap tape around legs of the bed. Once the barrier was completed, I spent two and a half to three hours interacting with the tape by moving my body in slow repetitive movements, experiencing what it was like to feel my skin and hair be pulled by the tape, experiencing the resistance and the tension of my body against the tape, sometimes engaging the tape with my tongue and teeth, and challenging myself to simultaneously disassociate from the world around me while fully inhabiting my interactions with the tape. In improvisational performances, I like to allow organic moments to act as triggers for the end of the piece. Curiously, even though people were constantly on their phones during the party, there was someth